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Return to full time work and look for my other haft

Posted by FreddyBoy

In 2016 my first goal  is to fine full time work after I'm fully recover from surgery I had this past August.Once I'm able to be healthly for six months I would like to meet some new friends and hopefully fine my other haft. To share and enjoy a relationships base on love,laughther and exploring the world we live in together.Like Louis & Clark, Barnes & Noble, Abbott and Costellio or Frankie and Annette. After 2 years of being on my own.I really miss not having that special someone who know what I'm going to say before I even think it. That special someone to send flowers too with a note" Just because it's Monday".

Plus the joy of having caring for each other and our Childrens with tails. ( two dogs we pick out togethers)  I miss  getting up to head to the beach and watch the sun rise on Lake Michigan as we play and swim in theearly morning sun. Or the trip far out of of the cities to just watch the stars shine there light while we gaze upon the brillants constellations as we our reminded ourself how silly the petty issues our that occasionally me out.It's a good And if all goes well we will find a home out side of the city where we able to have our personal bon fire everynight under the star light.    

So if all goes well by March 31th,2016 I'll be working full time while my future partner and myself get to learn about each other dreams. And I gtd I will make sure everyday she knows that my new goal is to make sure that her dreams come true.And everyday were together I can know that my dream already came true. It feel great to findly be getting my health under control. I have so much to catch upon and looking forward to sharing the joys of being happy and healthy. Being happy easy. Being healthy a full time job. So much to learn and so much to give.  My motto is always been giving is living. Laughing and loving. So much to learn and so much to do.  That's the best part the journey of doing it together.

Jan 10th, 2016 

Freddy Boy

shirnan : I wish you all the best in finding that someone special. I too want that but just not quite ready for it yet!
You did catch my eye, I have two very special kids (dogs), no children & look forward to finding that
other half someday, especially someone that cares about dogs as much as I do. I know it will happen at the right time!!
Mar 06, 2016
FreddyBoy : Sorry for the long letter I used the voice record option and I'm going on two hours sleep in maybe 2-3 days I don't know. I guess your note hit home with me. I not ready to dating yeah a long relationship but deep down I do want to find my partner that I could be there for whenever she needs me. And someone that I care for and I know that cares for me to share a life with is the reason we're here. Fun laugh a lot see wonderful things joy wonderful nights. But it all comes down to service to others and they will get it right in a billion trillion years but we will I have faith

Mar 06, 2016
FreddyBoy : Ok,,I finally fell asleep it felt great. When I wrote you the note or book. I was haft asleep and if your read it. I'm sure there were many sentences that didn't make any connection or sense. But 99% of which didn't make sense I meant. You take care of yourself and I do hope to hear from you and I will respect your wishes. Fredric Rosenthal Mar 06, 2016
FreddyBoy : Thank for the message cindy. Junior had surgery on his leg. It's was hard to see him in pain. He 11 years old. The building I live in change there dog policy for future tentants. Out off the 14 units only 3 dogs our allow through the grandfather cause. Last week he hadoesn't a biopsy. Unfortunately the results didn't come back with good news. I'm just trying to keep you comfortable happy. But I also don't want him to suffer cuz I don't want go. We'll see what happens over the next few days. My guess is a beautiful to me of the new building horseshoe up my our. So my favorite things that I've been looking yet pictures swimming in Michigan with his buddy buzz. Bus is a puggle. Juniors and alpha dog but very easy going when it comes to playing with other dogs. He loves the water which also help me go swimming and take more rest. Last year I did 10 day consulting jobs in Hawaii for Hilton by myself. And went snorkeling enough for our trip. I had a little problem on my way back but I just sit there with the towel pressed against my belly and I was fine. The way I look at it you gotta live life to the fullest and realize than a hundred years is going to care. I'm just looking forward to the day where I can have somebody in my arms again that I care about and laugh with and enjoy each moment that we have together being supportive of each other her hobbies we share or hobbies that who do apart. If you can in the photo would be nice. I do look forward to talking to you in the near future. I'll let you know once I know about things that are happening here my buddy. All the best to you Cindy love and kisses all the best wishes. Freddy Rosenthal Mar 08, 2016
shirnan : Hi Freddy,
Have been thinking about you & wondered how you are doing? How the your 4 legged kids?
Jun 15, 2016
FreddyBoy : Dear Cindy,

Hope your summer going well and your health is stable. I want to get back to you to say hello and update on my last hospital visit that help me turn things around. The last two years I kept having severe dizziness confusion related to severe dehydration issues cause of my kidneys not to funtion. After my doctor did an ultrasound in his office immediately sent me to the hospital to be admitted. On the way to the hospital I had to pull over because of being too weak it confused the drive. The next thing I knew it was the next day when I woke up in a hospital bed. They found out with me going to the washroom almost 30 times a day that they didn't slow down we losing all my fluids I would continue you have issues with my kidneys and my dehydration would continue even with IV fluids being added weekly. The good news is that they quadrupled the medication to slow down my digestion and that seems to have helped me games a normal daily routine these last 4 days. In the past when given the Imodium it would cause blockages so we stayed away from it. But now it seems to be a wonder drug for me. It's just nice to be able to be able to focus and make plans without worrying about getting a drive or make it through the day without losing Consciousness from dehydration being so severe. It only took two years to figure it out. Better late than never. I just wanted to touch base with a few people from this support friendship ostomy web site. If you do get this message please feel free to reply to me at or text me at 847 812 1621 and I'll send an update photo. I'm about a month away to get this walking cast off from an ulcer I got on my foot that has sidelined me as well. But once it's off I'm going to take some time to enjoy driving around the country for a little bit before I return to work full time. You have a wonderful day I hope your back from you in the near future. I would send a picture but I don't know how to attach ones this site. All the best . Fredric
Jul 12, 2016
looking forward : where do you live? Mar 31, 2019

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