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Stop my daily bag leaks

Posted by RachR

I cannot get my urostomy bag to last more than about 24 hours (36 if I am exceptionally lucky), and I am looking for whatever help or advice members can offer.

beyondpar : hey rach, is it leaking cuz stoma seal is no good? causine urine to get under wafer? or is it just a adhesive not sticking issue and then wafer falling off? Michael Nov 30, 2016
RachR : The adhesion isn't good enough, no matter what I do, the moment I start moving about the flange leaks. Nov 30, 2016
14jax71 : I don't know what product you are using. I use Holister. I tried another and it was a plastic flange and it wouldn't move with my body. The holister flange I use is cloth. It works for me. Sometimes I use a blow dryer after I put the flange on to help with adhesion. I put on my belt and put it a little tighter than usual for about 5 to 10 min. to help with adhesion. Nov 30, 2016
mild_mannered_super_hero : a common problem most newbies make is preping the stoma site with a soap that contains oils or perfume...about 90% of regular bath soap does. can you tell me how you prep your site?
Nov 30, 2016
RachR : I am not a newbie to a urostomy. I had it originally done as a toddler and redone in 1988.

I only ever use ostomy adhesive remover to remove the worst of the remainder of the previous bag's adhesive, luke warm water (I have never used soap etc) to clean the area and then a barrier spray to help stop my skin developing a reaction to the flanges. I always ensure that the skin around the stoma us thoroughly dry before placing the flange on.

Once I have got a new pouch on I do lie as flat as possible for as long as possible to allow the flange to stick properly (usually overnight). No matter what I do, the moment I do anything involving abdominal movement (such as transferring to/from my wheelchair) the bag leakes!
Dec 01, 2016
RachR : I have tried Hollister Flanges and pouches. Unfortunately they are not suitable due to the size of the pouch. As I am sat down all the time (permanent wheelchair user) I find the tap outlet on small pouches get trapped in the crease of my bent leg (at the hip). I also find that, due to my high urine output, unless I wear a maxi sized pouch I am emptyingmy pouch every 20-30 minutes. I find leg bags uncomfortable as they cause my legs to sweat underneath the leg bag and I develop moisture lesions on my legs as a result.

Even with a maxi sized pouch I empty my pouch at least 4 - 6 times a day.
Dec 01, 2016
Past Member: Hi I am a newbie only 10 months my bags last 2-4 days when I change it my doc said don’t cut hole to big cut it small/tight. I was worried about it hurting stoma. He said don’t worry your cutting it to big cut smaller. It worked less leaks also I realized to push down hard when applying I also use extra tape. When I change I stand up to keep flow downward. I don’t buy into the laying down when or after changing. Hope this helps Tom May 17, 2018

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