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I have a stoma. His name his Stig. I've had him since March 21. Still learning how to accommodate his demands , but I'm getting the hang of it.
My transition from normal life to Ostomate was very sudden and, as anyone who’s reading this can relate, somewhat traumatic, so I’m looking for a shoulder or two to have a a whinge on from time to time, to share mine obviously also, but to join a community of people who look out for each other and hopefully have a bit of laugh along the way. My colostomy (bloody sodding cantankerous arsehole Stig) is going to be a lifelong companion, so I’m figuring out how to adjust to the new, and very much open to advice.
I’ve always loved travel, adventure, good food, good company and have just recently discovered the joy of inadvertent abdomen farts when talking to people I don’t like. Every cloud and all that.
Hit me up if you fancy a chat.

PS I’m really quite shy, not the overbearing nobber you might think from the above. I love to dissolve into a really good book on a lazy afternoon, or go for a long hike in the greenery when the weather and Stig permit.