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Posted by Bill


We’ve all been through some stress and strain
and convalesced from chronic pain.
It’s all grist to the mill for me
because I’ve got an ostomy.

At first there’s stress before the op
it’s then the worst if pain won’t stop.
And maybe it was never said
sometimes I wished that I were dead.

There’s always something in my mind
telling me that life’s unkind.
One question that keeps coming through,
why is this happening to you?

I try to seek the reasons why
when I feel weak I’ll sit and cry.
For this is just the way I get
when stress and strain make me upset.

Stress and strain has world renown
for the way it drags you down.
Even though you do your best
you can still end up depressed.

The trouble is with stress and strain
it does come back time and again.
Especially so when things go wrong
or pain and strain will linger long.

I’ve always wished to be content
or at least to some extent.
I should stay calm and maybe sane
if free from harmful stress and strain.

This has been a struggle for me
to juggle with my ostomy
and all the stress and strain that brings
on top of all life’s other things.

B. Withers 2013

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Dec 20, 2017
Angelicamarie : Well said very interesting blog. Have a great evening Bill
Dec 21, 2017
Bill : Thanks Angelicamarie. It is gratifying when people comment on the verses because it at least shows that they have been read. of course, it is even better when folks like yourself express an interest and/or enjoyment.
Best wishes
Dec 27, 2017
paulaAZ : Great prose, Bill ... it certainly explains the emotional turmoil we go through from time to time and hopefully less and less as time goes on. Thanks for sharing!

Dec 27, 2017
Silveradokid : Love your writings, Bill. If I might add my own refrain:

I try Not to dwell
On this now usual hell,

For it's a blessing to be
Alive and pain-free...

Dec 27, 2017
Susanne : That is so well said, great writing.
Dec 28, 2017
Bill : Hello Paula.
Thank you for your comments and I'm gratified that you appreciated the verse. from my own experience, the stress and strain does abate over time. To be replaced by concern - over every pain that manifests itself it that region, just in case the original complaint returns of is replaced with something worse. The concern only subsides once the root of the problem is identified. In my case it's usually trapped wind!
Best wishes
Dec 28, 2017
Bill : Hello Silveradokid. Thank you for your post and I very much appreciate your rhyme. It's a pity that my 'di-line rhyme on stomas' booklet has already been printed, otherwise I would have asked if I could have included your rhyme with mine for publication.
Best wishes
Dec 28, 2017
Bill : Hello Susanne.
Thank you for your comment and support. It is always such an inspiring and exhilarating feeling when folks like yourself let me know that you had enjoyed and appreciated my writing as this indicates that it was not only appropriate to my own situation and lets us know that we are not alone with this condition and its ripple effects.
Best wishes
Jan 01, 2018
Mrs.A : Stress comes in so many ways. Keep pushing on and it will eventually be behind us, until we turn around and meet it head on again! Great poem Bill.
Jan 01, 2018
Bill : Thanks for your comments Mrs.A. You are quite right about pushing on and it tending to be cyclical. I am more fortunate than most in that I need a bit of stress to keep my blood pressure up, otherwise it can fall dangerously low.
Best wishes Bill
Jan 10, 2018
CharK63 : Hi Bill! How ya been? You are usually my go to guy to talk me out of my funks with your sage wisdom and calming demeanor. I'm sorry I wasn't around to return the favor even if it was 2013.
I have a sign in my room that says: “I am my own worst enemy when it comes to pressure and stress for csetting my demands too high and my expectations unattainable.” No wonder I get so depressed when I can't even satisfy myself! I swear if things don't lighten up around here I'm turning in my resignation to myself!
But that's just me.
You, my friend, have shared another spot on wonderfully accurate and sensitive prose that represents what I go through too often to say.
I bet you have parts 2, 3, 4 and maybe more of all the stages of depression you've gone through on this journey with a final chapter of optimism for future and ways to fix any appliances tthat needed to be more comfortable. (God that's an awkward sentence but you told me once you understand me and I'm just trying to say I understand you too and in the end you always see sunshine. Am I making it worse? Probably. That's my mode: don't know when to shut up. Sorry) ((I think I've missed talking to you, ya think? All of you I've made friends with here and all I have to blame is me for being lazy and distracted.))
This is Charlotte, by the way lol, lol, lol....

Jan 10, 2018
Bill : Hello Charlotte. Thank you so much for your complimentary comments. I understood and appreciated every word! Having been there and done that.
I have literally hundreds of poems on the subject of stress in one form or another, often leading to depression. We need to stay positive and look for ways forward in these unfortunate psychological situations because, if we don't, the condition very often progresses on it's own negative path. I try to find a distraction and writing about it tend to provide that at the same time as allowing me the opportunity to clarify what is going on and formulate alternative solutions. It doesn't always work but most times it does and it leaves me with a written record of what works and what doesn't.
Great to hear from you again!
Best wishes
Jan 24, 2018
Head : Very nice. I really enjoy your writing you capture things so well.
Jan 24, 2018
Bill : Thanks Head. It helps a lot to know that there are people who appreciate the time and effort pujt into this type of writing.
Best wishes
Jan 29, 2018
Ewesful : I enjoy watching for Bill's comments and input plus the poetry!!
Jan 30, 2018
Bill : Hello Ewesful. Thank you for commenting so kindly about my input to this site. Without that sort of feedback, we never really know whether our correspondence is appreciated or not.
Best wishes

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