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Posted by Bill


It’s sometimes difficult to see
where any one of us would be
without the help that was for me
provided by my ostomy.

When ostomies have been discussed
most have seen them as a must.
Without a stoma most of us
would not be here to make a fuss.

It can seem strange when things have changed
and your colon’s rearranged.
But when you know your life’s at stake
a stoma’s what you’ll gladly take.

Without my small, red-rose rotunda
I could now be six feet under
and pushing up the daises, so
that’s not the way I chose to go.

Compared with the alternative
a stoma’s a preservative.
For it’s preserved a way of life
that I deserved away from strife.

I would not wish this thing on you
or anything that I’ve been through.
For nobody that’s not been there
could hope to understand or care.

When I recall what went before
and foresaw what lay in store
there really was no choice for me
but to accept an ostomy.

I now expect my attitude
reflects undying gratitude.
As I can guess where I might be
I bless my mighty ostomy.

B. Withers 2013

AZishome : Expressed very well. Because my non-surgical Docs keep avoiding pushing me to surgery, I was so weak that I flat-lined during the process. Thankfully an old cowboy doctor in Phoenix said "I ain't this kid" and jump-started my heart and finished the job. In hindsight, having surgery two years earlier would have been the right answer. Life has been 98% normal for 30+ years. It's just one challenge I have that most others don't. But, many people deal with many issues and illnesses...if they are fortunate enough to live a long life.
rosebudd44 : Love it ????
Bill : Hello AZishome and Rosebudd44. Thank you so much for your positive replies to this blog. It is so gratifying to think that other people appreciate the medium of rhyming verse as it seems to make the original effort to produce it more feel worthwhile. I don't have any more of these in this series on stomas but I have literally hundreds on other subjects. Maybe, if and when one of those subjects gets posted by someone who has an interest, then I might consider resurrecting them and sharing with this wonderfully receptive audience. Best wishes Bill
iMacG5 : Great job, Bill! I've learned to take nothing for granted and recognize there's a reason for everything. I don't always know the reason but my perspective could help us enjoy life rather than just endure it. I know my stoma saved my life and, big deal, I have another appendage. I don't take your writings for granted and I thank you sincerely for your contribution. It's not just the rhyming verses but the entire creation that can only enhance our lives. To understand from your perspective is wonderful. Your sharing with us is even more wonderful. With grateful appreciation, Mike
Grateful1952 : Well done...thanks for sharing. We all have a purpose...enjoy each day!! Happy Valentines Day to you all....
Bill : Hello Mike. Thank you so much for your kind comments and your own contributions to this site, which are always insightful and welcome. Best wishes Bill
Bill : Hello Grateful1952. Thank you too for your comment and happy Valentine's day to you too. Best wishes Bill
Kramer : No doubt this has saved our lives!!! I often wonder who thought hey.... letís try this to see how it works? Well bless yoyryheart towhoever though about this procedure and trying it. Iíve had mine for 5 months now, itís simetimes been a real pain in the ass but this Pain saved my life! In April when I have my reversal surgery I think I will have a little Party to say goodbye to the ďfucken whoreĒ as I lovingly call her.
iMacG5 : Hey Kramer, between now and your reversal, things will get easier for you and your precious new appendage. Lots of luck and thanks for sharing. Mike
Bill : Hello Kramer. Thanks for your reply to this post and enlightening us as to the affectionate name you have given your stoma. It made me smile as I envisaged you perhaps talking out loud to it in public and getting some disapproving looks from passers by! Best wishes Bill
Kramer : Hi Bill! We have to make the best of this or it will kill ya!! When someone asked me if I named my stoma I said yes but I donít think I should tell you! When I did they just laughed and laughed! I can say I am handling this so much better than I did say 4 months ago! If i spring a leak now, I just po poo it and deal with it. As I ALWAYS say it could be MUCH WORSE!
Bill : Hello Kramer. Hello Kramer. It is as you say - we have to make the best of it and 'it could be worse'. I find that, like most other things in life, making the best of it is mostly psychological and emotional, which is where composing and writing the rhyming verses was useful. It enabled me to clarify my thinking and put things into perspective at times when those things were being disturbed by somewhat emotional and irrational thinking. Once it all settled down and I became used to managing the new set of circumstances, all that original angst seemed a bit petty and unnecessary. However, each time someone new comes on here, the memories of those past emotions get resurrected and I feel for them in their hour of need. It's so useful to have a site like this where we can share our experiences and feelings, which might help us to move forward to a better place within ourselves. Best wishes Bill
Kramer : I couldnít have said it any Bill. My dear friend was just recently diagnosed with breast cancer which spread to her liver and bones. I canít IMAGNE what she is feeling. I canít help but feel guilty that Iím doing so well my heart is so heavy for her. ????
Silveradokid : Hey Bill - Compared with the alternative a stomaís a preservative. GREAT line! Love it.
Bill : Hello Kramer. Thank you for replying to this post and I'm sorry to hear about your friend. It' so hard to watch friends suffer in this way, when there is little you can do to help except be 'there' for them. It seems like such an inadequate response but in fact, it's just what they need because it provides emotional support. Best wishes Bill
Bill : Hello Silverodokid. Thanks for your kind comment. I cannot take all the credit for these sorts of lines in the rhymes as, some of them come from comments made by other ostomates. Reminiscing about posts from the past, there have been lots of people have commented on what the alternative to a stoma might have been and I just plagiarise this concept and add a rhyming line. So, really I should be thanking everyone who comments on here, for their contributions as they help me to formulate the finished verses. Best wishes Bill
iMacG5 : Hey Bill, Your language skills, though remarkable, are exceeded by your humaneness and humility. Thanks for all. Sincerely, Mike
Bill : Hello Mike. Thanks again! you are too kind! Best wishes Bill