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How Much Does A Cow Weigh ...does It Matter ??

Posted by Past Member

OK ....I know there are some very smart people in Congress and the Senate . However there are some who would be ( should be ) shamed by the disparity  between their level of knowlege and a High Schooler . 

   This person , adult Human is , believe it or not is on the  " House Science, Space and Technology Committee " 

   One of his many theories 

   I'll find his name !! Found it ...Mo Brooks  R.  { Of the famous Larry , Curley and !!! Moe !!  Just one of the Three Stooges   }   This  Actual Moron has many great , incredible ideas about lots of thing , things he knows Nothing about !! 

     In a public hearing Mo was kind enough to explain complex Geological phenomina which can be quite difficult to grasp at first glance . The hearing was about sea level rise and all it's implications . 

    As with most Bullshit there is a grain of truth in his silly offerings . When the last ice age ended and Middle America was relieved of the weight  of the Trillions of tons of ice , a Mile or more thick that was pushing down in the middle of the landmass , less on the coast . As this huge mass of ice melted and the weight was  removed from the surface of the US it prompted a rise in the middle of North America and a dip along the coastline , the whole coastline .  This process is called Isostatic Rebound  I believe .  The shores of The Great Lakes right now , today  have the water levels Rising on the South Side of the Lakes  and Falling on the Northern shores of the Lakes . The ground on the Northern shore is Falling  and the ground on the Northern Shoreline is still rising as the ice disappears .

   Push down on the middle of a pillow  , your hand is the ice , watch the perimeter rise.  There was a scientific study on this situation concerning the Great Lakes  because at first sight nobody could explain the water levels in the Lakes and how they were changing . The water stays level , the Continent moves !! 

     So the tiny bit of real information Congressman Mo  had in his grasp led him down a totally wrong road and conclusion .  After the hearing he put out a press release stating that " Rocks and rock erosion by rivers was the Number 1 ( one ) cause of sea level rise " .  He was thinking about his tenth glass of scotch as he pops a couple of ice cubes in . 

 Conversation ..........

 " Hey guys look at that !!  The water is at the top of the glass now , how did that happen  , I'm so confused ?? "  says Mo ,  scratching his head ...probably his Cahones  He also thought he had to drink fast because when the ice melted the glass would overflow !!  

  This guy has shown his IQ  many times in public ...too many stories from Mo  , sad to see people like this running the show !! 

  So no mre throwing rocks in the Ocean  !! 

Talking about the Ocean .......

PS :  The biggest USAircraft was coming under the Golden Gate , just fits !! . There's a  Very deep channel so no problem . Heading to Oakland there are dangerous sandbars . Well Captain Krunch   grounded the monster on a sandbar . They almost missed it so weren"t full grounded but were  blocking all SF Bay traffic .  The Captain got all 5 or 6  Thousand Sailors to go to one end so their weight  would shift the other end . I believe they got it loose but  Captain Krunch was also cut loose , his days as a Captain were over . 

Eamon  ☘☘


Mar 25, 2022
bowsprit : Going under the bridge the ship has a harbour pilot on board in-charge of the direction in which the ship heads. He is a captain too, what is called a master mariner. But you are right, the captain not the pilot is held responsible for any mishaps even though the pilot is giving the orders. I think that is unfair.
Mar 25, 2022
HenryM : Don't worry, Mo will soon be out of the House. He's running for the Senate!
Mar 25, 2022
bowsprit : All US Navy ships carry a harbour pilot when leaving or entering a port, so Captain Krunch is not solely responsible for the grounding. His order for the sailors to move to one side of the ship is a tried tactic to get the vessel afloat again, and probably helped a lot. I love ships and the sea and am a keen student of things nautical.