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The Monster

Posted by Ragdoll

Even though I've had this colostomy for a year ... I can't seem to accept the fact that it's here for life...people say to me "why you always lookig so sad"...i think to myself if they only knew..I guess I found this site for a reason...finally someone I can talk to about this monster hanging from my stomach...somebody help me please

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Primeboy : One person's monster is someone else's life raft. Jan 14, 2013
Bill : Hello Ragdoll, Thank you for sharing your feelings. That in itself is sometimes difficult to do, especially when it's about personal things that people do not often talk about. Your plea for someone to help you draws a lot of empathy from me as I am well aware of the feelings you describe. Unfortunately, for the most part, the 'help' you need is probably that which has the label 'self-help'. Many people on this site will know exactly what you are going through as they are probably struggling with their own (maybe similar) feelings. However, the struggle to overcome and manage those feelings is a very personal affair and needs to be worked upon by the individual themselves. For my part, I have written many verses to try to encapsulate these types of feelings and concepts and thereby place them in a framework outside of my own daily thinking processes. This helps me 'cope' and manage feelings that might otherwise fester away inside. Writing verses channels negative energy into something relatively positive for me. It is a 'distraction' from the things that can generate negativity. Many years ago I wrote a verse trying to explain that 'It took years to learn how to smile'. This was actually written at a time when people were asking me why I looked so sad all the time. It is my belief that people can find suitable 'distractions' if they look and work hard enough. I also find the 'just for laughs' section will sometimes lift my spirits, although I only did into it occasionally.I do hope you will be able to work through your present feelings to a place where you can feel more comfortable with your lot in life and begin to smile at will. Best wishes Bill Jan 15, 2013
Ragdoll : Thank you Bill...finally someone to talk too and not feel alone when it comes to the monster...thank you for telling me how you deal/dealth with your situation...maybe there is a smile at the end of the tunnel....:) Jan 15, 2013
lulu1313 : Hi Ragdoll I know how you feel Iwas the same i hated the damn thing too I HAVE HAD MINE ABOUT 5 YEARs and i am still learning but it does get better you have to think of it as part of your own body not easy i know but folks on here are great and when you hear what some have been thru it makes you humble anyhow hang in remember it kept you alive Jan 15, 2013
DH : Hello Ragdoll, I know exactly how you feel. I had my colostomy for a year and a half. I sometimes dream of waking up without this appendage sticking out of me.And I miss taking a shower without worrying about pooping in the shower. So I wear my pouch in the shower.I miss wearing my favorite jeans .And I hate that bulge under my cloths when my pouch fills up.I get anxiety taking long trips because I worry about getting a leak and not having a nearby restroom to go to.I miss sitting on. the toilet and squeezing out a nice juicy poo.I hate having to wipe poo off my belly every time I change my pouch especially when I am tired. And I could continue to list differn't things that I hate about having this. But I keep reminding myself of how blessed I am to have had this surgery. It has helped save my life.And I know longer have to suffer. I try to look at it as a war wound or battle scar and feel proud of the strength I had while fighting the cancer.I have come to accept this colostomy. But sometimes I think oh darn. Like right now my bag is rapidly filling up. Oh crap! Must have been the salsa chicken I just had for dinner.Gotta run and change! Best wishes, Donna Jan 15, 2013
firedup : I do understand how you feel Ragdoll. I'm sure most of us could give you many reasons why we hate having an ostomy, but I'm going to say something different. I'm alive! I no longer hang out in the bathroom! I can go where I want and do what I want without worrying anymore. I travel, hike, bike, canoe, etc....all with a bag on my side. Do I like having it? No, but in so many ways, I am grateful for it......peace....Gail Jan 15, 2013
Ragdoll : I know that I'm very lucky to still be here...when I found out I had cancer it was in stage four....I took my daughter for a check up and decided to get one for myself...the nightmare started right that very second...radiation burnt everything inside of me...that's how the bag came along...I don't want you or others to think I'm not grateful for having the did save my life but it's so darn hard to look down and see this thing hanging from me... the shower...the GAS...the filling up when it wants too...augh....Thanks to everyone for the words of encourgament Jan 16, 2013
Xerxes : PB,As always you are on the mark! Jan 16, 2013
Help_Me_Rhonda : Ragdoll, You don't have to explain to anyone about being thankful or grateful for your ostomy. I get what you are saying, for sure! I'm sure 99% of us here get it! It is awful having a bag hanging off of us. All those things you fear, I fear them as well. I also had cancer and the radiation damaged me so badly that every thing was burned. It was horrible. I never thought that having a colostomy would happen to me. I didn't have colon cancer, never had chrons or any of the intestinal issues some have whose lives are greatly improved by getting a colostomy. I never had any problems like that. So, for me ending up with one was traumatic. Am I thankful, grateful, blessed? I sure am! I know this is just part of the trade off to still be alive! Do I wish I didn't have it? Sure do!! But, the hard truth is, it's here to stay and I have had to get used to this new normal in my life. I'm still adjusting and it's been 6 years. Every day is a new day to try and appreciate my friend. I hope that soon, things will start to get easier for you. I'm here if you need a friend! Jan 17, 2013
Caledonia : I empathise with your situation Ragdoll. Had mine for 10 months, so not far behind you. I call mine the animal, because that's what it is. Someone said to try and view it as part of your body, I've never been able to do that, so I'm right with you at the mo, it's a huge mindf-ck and I struggle every day.I'm not going to moan too much though, as people on here seem to tell me a lot, there's a lot more folk worse off than us.I wish you resilience and strength. Jan 17, 2013
dnl74 : I am going thru this now, I got mine in Oct and was told in 6-8 months that it could be reversed,now Dr. is telling me that I don't have enough colon left to reverse it :( and that is something I was looking forward to. I have not been able to gain any weight back or energy back. Is this an issue with you also? I am so new at this, and hating it but as everyone says it has kept me alive. Jan 17, 2013
Ragdoll : Thank you Help me Rhonda...everyword that you spoke reminded me of myself...everyone keeps telling me the same thing but I still hate it and I probably will for the rest of my life...get use to the normal...I pray that that will happen someday...finding this site gives me a chance to talk and vent to people that feel the same way I do...sounds like dnl74 is having the same problems that we have had or having in our life...please reach out to them seems like we all need to have friends that can help and teach us how to deal with the monsters...please keep in's good to know that I have a friend from ? and you have one in Kentucky Jan 17, 2013
Help_Me_Rhonda : Ragdoll, I live in Louisville, KY! We aren't very far from each other at all! Maybe we could talk or get together some time. It would be awesome to have a friend who would totally understand when a disgusting sounds escapes from my gut. lol You should give yours a name. I have. I call (him) MO. When I was in the hospital and the wound care nurse came in to talk to me about having an ostomy, she said look at it... you are going to have to become friends with this because it will be with you for ever. Then she told me that I should give it a name. My husband had just left me on my third day in ICU.... said his life was going in a different direction and he didn't see me in it... so after 21 years of marriage he left me for another woman. SO.... knowing this information, the nurse says Rhonda, since men are assholes and this is your new asshole.... give it a man's name. quote and unquote~! Excuse the language. I don't talk like that but wanted to say exactly what she said to me. It cracks me up now. When I am having a bad day with it or when I'm out with my family and having some issues. I just always say that Mo is being a real butthole! Jan 17, 2013
dnl74 : I am on here for my husband also (DNL74) he is having a hard time coping and worries about me coping. He seems to think that I will walk away and get frustrated with this issue of his. I promised him when we got married I would always be there for him and I will. He is just not getting where he will go outside, maybe to a movie (but we sit way in the back, you know just in case) Right now my only concern is that he has to empty like every 2-3 hours and wakes up in the middle of hte night several times to empty. Its always full of liquid and it gets heavy he says. Also his stoma burns a lot? These are things we are just adjusting too. He has only had it for about 2 months now. Was suppose to have it reversed in June but now Dr. says the rest of his colon is not in good enough shape to have it reversed. I am glad I found this site, love reading the post and it does help both of us. Jan 17, 2013
Ragdoll : Rhonda...It's great that you are so close and would love to talk with you or meet for lunch one day...when I'm around my friends (i really don't have many) they will ignore the sounds that comes from the monster but when I'm out in public I get so scared that something will come out...that disgusting sound that you mentioned...I don't eat if I know I have to leave the house...I will go all day without eating to avoid having to dump or listen to the noises...sounds like your husband was a loser and nothing good comes from being a selfish the long run he will get what he deserves...I was married and the day I came home from the husband packed his suff and left...I blamed myself...I thought it was all my fault...who would want someone with a sh*t bag hanging out of them...who would want to take care of a grown woman...I thought my life was over and then...a angel walked into my life...he was telling me about his past and how he used to date a woman who had a ostomy...I hadn't mentioned anything about mine to him...I questioned him about that relationhip and finally told him about mine...he was so angry at me...angry at me for not believing he would be by my side no matter's been almost a year and he's still here...I never thought anyone would love me with this monster hanging from me...I was wrong :) thanks again for feels good to talk to someone that knows what I'm going through Jan 17, 2013
Ragdoll : dnl74...I found this site only a couple of days ago myself and I'm so glad that I did..It's only been months since this big change has happen and I know how you husband is feeling...there's gonna be good days and bad ones...just be there for him...I myself get up two or three times a night to empty...It's been a lil over a year for me and I'm still learning...just be there for him...he's gonna need that shoulder to lean on Jan 17, 2013
dnl74 : thanks Ragdoll, everyone forgets what the spouse or mates have to go thru also, its a lifestyle change for them also, but not as drastic as the person with the ostomy. I am very supportive of him, encourage him. He has ups and downs. Unfortunately we are now going to be looking into getting twin beds because he is up and down so much and he keeps me awake. I still work. But I ride it out with him. Jan 17, 2013
funnygurl : I have had a permanent colostomy since 2004. I taught high school, travel a lot and am in a commited relationship. I haven't really found anything that I can not do now that I have an ostomy. My ostoy saved my life. I also was diagnosed with cancer in 2003. I rarely think about my ostomy and am thankful for a second chance at living a great life. Ostomies take some getting used to but they don't have to take over your life if you decide not to let them. Once you are over the initial shock, and find a pouching system that works for you life can be good again. Jan 17, 2013
Help_Me_Rhonda : dnl74, is your husband having to empty because it is liquid output all night? My stoma feels like it is burning sometimes, too. A lot of the time it is the skin around the stoma that is burning because of the liquid output. I take a lot of immodium to thicken things up. There is also something you can buy to put in the pouch that solidifies the liquid. They also make larger pouches... It just doesn't seem normal that he should be having to get up all night to empty. Adjusting our diets is a big thing also to cut down on the diarrhea. I know it is difficult. I've have difficulties with mine from the beginning. I just can't find the right pouches but I am meeting with an ostomy nurse next month to try and rethink my situation! Jan 17, 2013
Help_Me_Rhonda : Ragdoll, I am not a paid member on this site so I can't message you my contact info.... if you are a paying member, shoot me a message and we will try to get together some day. Jan 17, 2013
Ragdoll : I'm not a paid member either..I just happen to type ostomy and found this site a couple days I don't what to do next Jan 18, 2013
Past Member: Hello Ragdoll, I am a fairly new member too, and don't really know what to say. I would be so glad if somebody would ask me something. I find it difficult to have a conversation on my own. Perhaps you would like to do that. I'd appreciate that. Love Elisabeth Jan 18, 2013
dnl74 : Milky I too am new to this site, you will find either myself or my wife. We both are loaded with questions. Like how long, what happened, supplies you use, how is your spouse or mate handling it? I have been very encouraged by the answers I have recieved, so go ahead and ask away. These are some wonderful people full of advice and encouragement. Jan 18, 2013
Ragdoll : Milky...I've only been here a week and there are so many questions that I want to ask...People tell me that the monster (my bag) has saved my life and I know...maybe one day I will really realize that and accept the monster...feel free to ask me any thing and I will answer to the best of my knowledge and if you need a shoulder to lean on I'm right here...Take care Elisabeth and looking forward to hearing from you Jan 19, 2013
Help_Me_Rhonda : Ragdoll and Milky, you don't have to rush yourselves with anything. You will accept this in your own time. People who were so so so sick and then got their ostomies, surely feel better and lucky to have it. I'm not saying that we aren't lucky. We are blessed beyond measure that this operation is even an option. It is a trade off for life. I guess I compare it to this.... say a town got a ton of rain; it was great for the crops and everything... but it may have flooded another's home in the process. lol Everyone is still thankful for the rain! It's going to be ok, Ragdoll because it has to be ok. You may never love your Monster but you will accept it and appreciate it for what it does. I would say that positive thinking is the best thing any of us can do for ourselves. I would say maybe you should rename it. Ya know? Give it a name that isn't so horrible and maybe you will start thinking less and less of it being a monster. Lots of people give them names, that way you can speak of it out in the open without everyone knowing what is going on. Like when I am with my kids out to dinner and I have an issue, I will say... I need to check on MO, I'll be right back. If anyone else is there they wouldn't have a clue what I'm doing. lolHang in there sweetie! I promise you will get more used to what's happening and just learn to take it a day at a time. This site will be so helpful. Ask anything.... I mean you really can talk about ANYTHING. I have horror stories just like everyone else does. Don't be shy!! Jan 20, 2013
Ragdoll : Thanks Help me Rhonda...Hopefully one day I will accept it and not let it keep me down... I really don't leave my place because I'mso afrain something will happen again...I say again because it has made terrible noises when I'm out and people just day I went to see one of my doctors and when I was getting off the exam table...I stood up and the monster opened up and everything just poured onto the floor...I was so embarressed...when it gets full of gas and I have no choice but to burp it...the smell OMG...makes me sick to my stomach so when I have to burp it at a store...I'll burp it and hurry to get out of the aslie...some times I don't get out fast enough so I try to act like I just smelt it too...people reactions are priceless... I've been thinking that I should rename it also...hopefully tomorrow I'll come up with a better name Jan 20, 2013
Help_Me_Rhonda : Ragdoll, sounds like you just need to fine tune your pouching system. I still don't think I have the perfect pouch for me but I just keep trying. I know what works best and what I can get by with if I'm just home. There are special tapes that you can buy that you can use to tape around the outside to keep things from leaking. Some people have even suggested duct tape, if it doesn't bother your skin. Some duct tape is even in colors and designs now. lol When you are going out and you worry you might have a problem, just take that extra precaution and tape the edges. The tape that I like is called Hytape. It's waterproof, also. As for the gas... well that is an issue for most of us, I think. When I have a doctors appointment or date or whatever coming up, I will start paying close attention to what I eat two days prior to the event. Diet is going to play a big part now. There are going to be foods that cause gas that you may just have to avoid. Try taking Beano before you eat those foods that cause you trouble. I do understand not wanting to go out because of the fear. I have been there. I have had horror stories as well and I've cried in embarrassment over it. This is just a matter of sucking it up and moving on. I could have become a hermit and never go out again or just keep trying. I decided to keep trying. I was still afraid and I'm still afraid now. I'm not sure how to get past that... Some people don't have any problems with their pouches, with leaks and things. I do. The way my stoma situated on my body makes it hard for me to get a good seal. That's why I use the tape. Sometimes I use the Eakin Cohesive Seals also. You can ask an ostomy nurse to help you also, maybe you just need to try different things until you find what works best. Just hang in there. The fact that you are asking for help is a good thing. Hope you sleep well tonight and have a great week! -R Jan 21, 2013
sourdough : Ragdoll,Well it looks like you have generated a lot of discussions. I just posted a Blog about compassion on this forum and I hope you find time to read it.Now then, I came here to this site some years ago and I read many of the posts and read many other peoples problems but by the time I got here, I had already had gone through the gates of Hell and back again. My one post was to make people aware that there is life after even if you have to drag along your buddy You learn to accept and cope.(Not always easy)Then I went on to the many sites that are available to an Ostomites and would come back to visit the Family that I first got to meet so many years ago. When I first came here, people did respond to each other but I was reluctant to express moments of sorrow and despair in that I felt I was over that,even after fifteen year. I do have moments but they are so seldom and my life is great.You are fortunate to find the 'Angel that you speak about and it sounds like a foundations to build on.I guess my point to this whole dialog is to let you to know that this is a home to come back to and the people that give information and understanding are cherished members to this community. You are not going to solve all the problems and get all the answers right away, but if you endure you will find a very compassionate community were we all share a similar experience.So I say welcome to you and all that are new to this forum and enjoy one another.GOD Bless and may each day be alive with Joy and Hope and cherish one another.From the Sourdough An Alaskan term, not a mindset. Jan 23, 2013
Past Member: Hello Everybody, I had my stoma now for 15 years, and no problems. When I first was told,for months I cried. I went to see my family in Bavaria and my aunt who was well known for her natural remedies said:Oh, that is not so bad, just eat every day a grated carrot and you will have no problems with your stoma. ( In Bavaria they have a special carrot grater, I am sure an English grater will do just as well ). I didn't believe it, but tried anyway. My mother went to buy a grater, I couldn't I would just have cried. But ever since I grate a medium carrot( organic, they 're sweeter ). Try it ! Your skin will be lovely, your stoma will never be sore, and carrots are also very good for your eyes. I promise you that you will not see in the dark,but you will keep your eye sight longer. I still have my first glasses. When I was admitted to hospital a junior Dr. said to me( I was crying of course) Perhaps it would be a good idea to reduce your meet intake a little. Meat has a habit to hang around in the gut. To which I answered: Dr. I am not going to reduce my meet intake, I stop eating meat altogether. I have been a vegetarian ever since. I have a good breakfast, 2 rolls, perhaps an egg or some cheese, a very good lunch and always a grated carrot before, I don't always have a sweet, but in the afternoon I always have a coffee and a small peace of cake or something. And always a glass of water in between. I also drink herbal tea, especially before going to bed, and always have a glass of water on my bedside table. In the evening I have a little soup, after I have had a good lunch I don't want anything else. I also have some fruit during the day. But I never leave out the grated carrots. I wander, perhaps there is a Doctor out there who can tell us what he thinks. I think we all underestimate the humble carrot. Well, it's worth a try, isn't it. Love Elisabeth. Jan 23, 2013
Help_Me_Rhonda : Thank you for the advice, milky! I will try the carrot thing! Jan 24, 2013
Monsieur Le President : Find a pouch system that works for you. Send for samples from the advertisers on here. Google Ostomy appliances, they all want your business. If you have a lot of liquid output, try using a drainable pouch, then you can empty as you go.Get on with your life, otherwise having the op will seem not to be worth it. Remember for many people the bag is the least of their problems. I know it's easy to say, but really try to start looking forward. Jan 24, 2013
Ragdoll : Monsieur....since I've been on this site....I've gotten some really good advice and just like you they say...get on with your life...everyone is right...I have to get past this...get over it...stop feeling so down...The first thing I need to do is change the more monster...since my stoma is pink and my favorite cartoon is the PINK PANTHER thus it's new name...Thank you everyone for all the advice and it's good to know that I have new friends that I can talk to about the pink panther and not be scared...THANKS Jan 24, 2013
gmy : I have had my iliostomy for 3 going on 4 years now..It was really hard for the first few months..but after I learned how to do things for myself, It got a lot easier...The odor was the worse for me until I found..Fresh-Awl and also Stop odor plus..Now I don't have any odor at all..I change my bag about three times a week and use the two piece..the bag has an opening in the bottom...I use a container and put it in the bathroom sink and empty mybag into it. I have a squirt bottle Isquirt the bag full of water to wash it out. then empty everything into the toilet..I don't get any splash at all..I hope this will be helpful to someone...Hope you adjust really soon Ragdoll..I also eat anything I want..If it is a gassy veg. then I take a gasX pill before eating...If you use AllKare protective wipes it will make the Wafer stick to your body a whole lot better...If I don't use I have leaks all the time...With it no leaks... Jan 26, 2013
happybaglady : What a positive site. I have had my ileostomy for 13 yrs and it took years to find the right system. I am still learning little tricks that help deal with odor, (chew parsley), leaks (change bag as soon as you feel burning) I use one piece Active Life and if I feel burning it means it is leaking around the stoma and I will have a mess and a burn to deal with. All kare protective wipes help. Ragdoll, I am glad you changed the name of your stoma and tell your family the name as well. The more you share with your close friends and family the more comfortable you will be. I wish you the best. My motto has been there is a life after the bag. Jan 26, 2013
Ragdoll : Happybaglady I use a two piece what's the different in the one and two...someone told me to put tic tacs in my bag...I have the liquid but I really want to try other talk about a burning feeling...where does it come from I have never had that feeling...I feel better with the name doesn't sound so scary...Not to many people know I have the bag...I've pretty much secluded myself in the house...I know....I need to get out of this house and live my life...I'm trying and with the help from people on this site I'm doing better...Thanks for listening Jan 29, 2013
flowerlady : RAGDOLL - I have had an ileostomy for 1 yr. It was an emergency operation. Had ulcerative colitis for 2 yrs. Went down to 82 pounds after the operation, also had a collapsed lung from anesthetic. This operation saved my life which I can now enjoy with my 3 grandgaughters. One granddaughter Said Why do you poop from your belly pee from your bum? I said It's because the doctor put some stitches in my belly She just said Oh. Kids are so accepting!! Feb 07, 2013
Stillnshock : Ragdoll- WOW I thought it was just me, meaning I have the same feelings as you and the other day the EXACT same thing happened to me at the Dr's office. The same Dr. who keeps urging me not to have a reversal surgery. See I went into the hospital less than 2 months ago for a routine female surgery and when I woke up a few weeks later was told that the surgery went horribly wrong and that I had several surgeries, to keep me alive from the 1st botched surgery. I am very grateful AND BLESSED to be alive but this situation has TOTALLY changed my lifestyle. I cannot do something as simple as fit my clothes. I unfortunately got laid off a few weeks before the surgery so that coupled with this whole ordeal has me completely depressed! I am praying I find a Dr. who can and will give me a reversal and I also pray that things go well, this time. Mar 03, 2013
Stillnshock : Hey has anyone ever had this issue?? If so I need help....I have an inny stoma so my problem is when I put the skin barrier on I always have the issue where bowel is getting underneath it, always. If I eat certain things like beef/pork I pretty much always have an accident because the bowel pushes the barrier from some end off of my skin. I am growing tired of washing bed sheets almost daily and fear going too many places since I've had this for fear I'll have an accident. I am even afforded a trip at the end of the week and am scared to go for fear this accidents will occur while travel and when I get to my destination. Is there anything anyone can suggest that would not allow the bowel to leak underneath or out of the barrier??? I am desperate for a solution! Mar 03, 2013

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