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Does everybody have there stoma on right side of stomach?
How my friend and I discovered our new friend "Stoma"

Christmas 2016 started bleeding from wrong passage, I brushed it of as something not to serious, this kept happen then it started to bleed and come out every 5 minutes. In the end 27 Dec. 2016 doctor was called in then it ended up being an emergency ambulance into hospital as I had bled a lot and my colour was grey...(Doctor was not pleased)I ended up in hospital for 7 weeks as they tried allsorts of meds. to stop the bleeding and so in agreement with all concerned doctors, consultant and surgeon it be came an emergency do go in to my body and see what really was going on...after all the camera, x-ray and blood checks all they knew was I had UC on the left side of my was expecting that's what would be removed and a stoma would be very temporary, 6 months then they would look at it, once the were inside they found the whole of my colon was in a very serious condition all covered in ulcers, so in there wisdom they removed all of my colon, from rectum to small intestine.. So when I awoke was greeted with the news that I will have a stoma and that it will be permanent... oops didn't see that coming. Well such is life time to do things differently bombarded with new diets, things can and cant do no more weight lifting contests...(as if) the one thing that annoyed me the most of all of this was people telling me I will have a better standard of life even nurses were saying it....I had a good standard of life before I was not a person who had had this for any length of time the UC just hit me and hit me hard not much could have been done except I guess got doctor involved much earlier at least the day it was a drop and not a bloody big puddle (no pun intended). I have now had the stoma two yeas and find that life isn't that much different as before I still cook and eat what I like just cut the naughty things in to much smaller pieces and chew my food longer ...well that's my boring story and as the say chin up and tomorrow is another great day...

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Just hoping to make friends, perhaps relationship. Happy to offer help/support.
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